Meet Lindsay

I was not a baker. I was not an entrepreneur. I was just a girl looking for fulfillment outside of my marketing job. And I found it through cookie dough.

I was born and raised in St. Louis, moved to the East Coast to attend the University of Pennsylvania for college, and then moved to DC after I graduated. I spent 5.5 years at a terrific nonprofit, building and executing a communications strategy while receiving my MBA. I then worked for a startup as the marketing manager for a year. But I never truly felt fulfilled in my career.

The idea of making edible cookie dough was a "light bulb moment" when I was looking for a creative outlet beyond my marketing job. I always loved sneaking cookie dough out of the mixing bowl when baking with my mom growing up, and sneaking it out of the sorority house freezer in the middle of the night in college. I couldn't find edible cookie dough anywhere, so I decided to make my own.

Knowing me, a hobby doesn't stay a hobby for very long. I started setting up in apartment lobbies to sell the cookie dough to residents, and people bought it! From there, I joined a commercial kitchen and started finding sales channels to pay the kitchen rent. I was carried in my first store within two weeks, and the business has grown from there.

In March 2018, The Cookie Jar DC rebranded to The Dough Jar, which better describes the product and captures the essence of the brand. We are the same company serving the same dangerously delicious and safe-to-eat edible cookie dough.
The Dough Jar has been nothing but fun and fulfillment. Our dough is produced by hand in small batches, so every jar is always fresh and made just for you. And when we say hand-made, we mean it -- the only machine we use is a mixer, and the jars are filled and labeled by our dedicated team. We make our dough with love in order to bring you the highest quality product with that nostalgic taste of homemade dough. I hope you enjoy our cookie dough as much as we love making it for you!